Shuja Najmee


Shuja Najmee, the founder and CEO of Najmee Technologies, has been dedicated to providing unparalleled IT management and support to clients for over twenty years. Shuja has expertly cultivated enduring relationships with our clientele by consistently delivering tailored, high-quality IT solutions that address their specific needs.

His extensive experience encompasses all aspects of IT operations, from network and systems engineering to IT service delivery, with a strong emphasis on ITIL and ITSM frameworks. Shuja's expertise at pinpointing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) enables him to facilitate clients’ needs with innovation, process optimization, and digital transformation, offering value-driven IT solutions.

A natural leader, Shuja excels at motivating and steering project teams towards achieving successful outcomes. Under his leadership for the past fourteen years, Najmee has expanded its services across diverse sectors including healthcare, law, construction, and local government, bringing Enterprise-level IT solutions to the Small and Medium Business (SMB) sector.

Shuja embodies and instills the values of reliability, transparency, integrity, and availability in every aspect of Najmee Technologies, ensuring these principles are at the core of our relationship with clients.