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Since 2010, we've kept the businesses that count on us satisfied with our services.


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Daily, we cater to the unique IT needs of employees from almost every industry.


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When we started operations in 2010, we set out to be much more than another helpdesk team that waits around for IT issues to pop up. We are passionate about helping businesses stay competitive and work much more efficiently, using current-day IT!

When Shuja (our founder) came to the US in 2009, he quickly noticed that a majority of SMBs were lacking proper, quality, and up-to-date IT systems and infrastructure. He knew he had to change the narrative, at least in his corner of the country (the Tri-state area). With that, Najmee was born.

Since then, we've been helping businesses of all sizes and industries get the best out of modern IT while keeping them secure and compliant. What's more, we solve issues before they become bottlenecks to your operations. And if you ever need urgent IT support, we pick up and resolve issues from the root, 24/7/365!

We do IT differently...

Keeping you ahead of the IT curve

No more outdated solutions. To stay competitive and constantly growing, businesses your size need to embrace new technologies as they come... but in a structured and strategic way that saves cost and optimizes efficiency. That's where we shine!

Solving problems holistically (and entirely)

Too often, businesses (especially in the 100+ employee range) are stuck with half-baked solutions and recurring IT issues that sink productivity. You deserve thorough solutions that ensure issues don't resurface. That's what our expertise affords you.

Continuous improvement

Our commitment to practicing Kaizen

We embrace Kaizen, a philosophy of continuous improvement, as a fundamental principle in our business approach. Kaizen, meaning "good change," is about making small, ongoing positive changes for significant impact.

This approach focuses on cooperation, commitment, and iterative progress rather than radical changes. By adopting Kaizen, we ensure our services not only meet your need but exceeds your expectations. We integrate Kaizen through:

  • Continuous learning: We constantly challenge assumptions and learn from our mistakes, turning each challenge into an opportunity for growth.
  • Employee involvement: Every team member is encouraged to contribute ideas, fostering a culture of collective responsibility and innovation.
  • Iterative improvement: Our focus is on gradual, consistent enhancements in our processes, ensuring sustainable and effective solutions for our clients.

Let's level with you on this...

While solving IT issues holistically is essential for seamless operations, and digital transformation keeps your processes ahead, there's an integral piece that must not be overlooked.

Cybersecurity! It's amazing to us how many large IT providers give very little attention to their security process while deploying services for clients. At Najmee, we prioritize your cybersecurity (and ours!).

We're strict on following industry standards and best practices on cybersecurity (HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, ITIL Framework, etc). This way, all our IT solutions are secure by design, making it much easier for you to stay secure and compliant.

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