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Strategic Advisory Services

Technology Infrastructure

Najmee’s Technology Strategy provides the vision, strategy, and roadmap for large-scale IT infrastructure and operations transformations, ensuring that technology changes are aligned with business objectives. We engage with senior leadership to set technological direction, define your target state—including desired components like cloud services and on-premises functions—and build transformation plans.
We’ll walk you through modern corporate architecture, as well as application, data, and infrastructure architectures. We’ll also assist you in selecting technology providers, advising you on complicated problems such as how solution components interact to achieve a successful outcome and deliver performance, security, and scalability.

Cloud migration:

Many businesses begin their cloud migration without investing enough time and thought in their plan. An end-to-end cloud migration strategy is required for successful cloud adoption and deployment, and this is where Najmee comes in. Each application and dataset may have unique requirements and concerns, necessitating a unique cloud transfer strategy. Each task the company migrates to the cloud must have a compelling business rationale.
Many firms have not defined clear KPIs to determine what they expect to spend or save after shifting to the cloud. This makes determining whether migration was effective from an economic standpoint challenging. Najmee makes sure to find a clear and profitable path to accommodate partial or complete cloud migrations that are future-proof. We partner with both Microsoft and Amazon (AWS) so we can offer seamless migration to the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services as well as back-up services on their cloud platforms.

Logistics & Supply Chain:

Najmee focuses on providing objective, strategy-driven value through advisory services that optimize, reinvent, digitize, and improve the supply chain holistically through design, plan, source, manufacture, and delivery. We address the most challenging issues facing organizations by leveraging global capabilities across all areas of business strategy and operations within the telecommunication, retail, manufacturing, legal, and healthcare industries.

ERP Systems:

Our experts will advise you on the transformational benefits of a variety of ERP software-as-a-service alternatives and assist you in implementing the one that best suits your business needs. We also have vast experience designing, developing, and deploying customized cloud-based solutions, including a wide range of industry-specific apps that use artificial intelligence and automation tools to alter business processes. The Najmee team will walk you through the whole project implementation lifecycle, whether you’re in health care, manufacturing, services, the public sector, or any other company intrigued by the potential of cutting-edge digital transformation.

Managed IT Services

CyberSecurity & Compliance

Strategic Advisory Services

Unified Communications

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